Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oriental Lilies

Oriental Lilies     17x30"  oil on linen

The beautiful oriental lilies are such a delightful flower.  They are delicate appearing but quite hardy and will last a long time as a cut flower.  That makes them especially useful in a larger still life painting.  As an added bonus they smell spectacular and fill the room with their  wonderful perfume, (strong enough to even mask the odor of mineral spirits!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Softly Spectacular

Softly Spectacular   12x24  oil on linen

The days have been gray here in Michigan.  The snow was pretty but then it all melted.  It snowed again but, not so much, not so pretty.  Painting flowers helps me through the gray.
Two days to Thanksgiving.....wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, full of family, friends and good reason to be thankful....I know I am blessed and so very fortunate.
Go too much and give a little love to everyone you see.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dancing Mum's

Dancing Mum's   16x20  oil on linen

My technique is a cross between realism and abstraction.  Sometimes it is more like a battle than a creation.  Or perhaps the battle is necessary to bring about the creation? 
 I like enough abstraction to lend interest and a bit of mystery to a painting, but I still want enough realism to describe my subject.  Some paintings seem to just paint themselves and others are just that battle between too much description..... too little description..back and forth.  I paint it, I wipe it out.  I add detail, I take the detail away.  I want you, the viewer, to "feel" the painting, not simply see it.  It must be charged with energy and alive with texture and color. 
This painting was like WWIII for me!  It started out pretty traditional and I hated it!!  Yep..hated.  So I wiped out objects, erased detail and started abstracting.  Now, I am very happy with the energy and the textures.  
Do you feel the energy when you look at it?  I hope so

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings  18x24  oil on linen

These are such beautiful birds.  They are so smooth and sleek it is hard to see that they have feathers.  I found it very challenging to get them right.  Their colors are difficult and while I wanted them to have that smoothness that makes them so special I also needed to represent the feathers or they wouldn't look like birds!  It was fun...I still need some practice with bird painting but I'm not unhappy with the way this one turned out.
Thank you for viewing my art!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

White Pitcher with Yellow Roses

White Pitcher with Yellow Roses     16x20  oil on linen

This painting is headed for Eisele Gallery next week.  I needed to make a couple of compositional adjustments but now I feel it is ready to go back in it's frame.  If you are near Cincinnati check out the Gallery!
Fall is upon us and in Michigan that usually means very little sunshine.  Never the less, I do love the cool fall days and the sense of preparing for the winter.  It makes me think of hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace.  Time to haul out the sweaters and snuggle under some blankets.  In place of sunshine I like to paint bright colorful flowers! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall's Chorus Line

Fall's Chorus Line    oil on linen 16x30

Hello Everyone and welcome to Fall!
The year has gone by so quickly, fall is almost over and I'm just acknowledging that it is here!  It has been a busy time.  I am thrilled to announce a new gallery is now representing my work.  Eisele Gallery is a lovely gallery in Cincinnati and the owners Douglas and Terry Rye Eisele are super people! Check out their Gallery, you won't be disappointed. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn Sunshine

Autumn Sunshine  18x24  oil on linen

Workshops, business stuff, and working on completing some unfinished work has kept me busy the last several weeks.  Today I just did a new piece and it felt so good!  
These mums are the most beautiful mums.  They may not be as stunning as some but they are so hardy, they smell great, they multiply easily, and this time of year with all the cloudy days they truly do feel like sunshine!
So here's wishing you a "little sunshine" in your day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Copper and Brass Pot

Copper and Brass Pot  12x16 oil on linen

I had the privilege to take a 3 day workshop with Elizabeth Robbins a couple of weekends ago.  I have had so much "business" work to do that I haven't had time to post about it.  So finally today I am sharing some things about the workshop and about the paintings I did!
"Copper and Brass Pot" was the set up I chose on the first afternoon of the workshop.  Elizabeth had done a beautiful demo in the morning and then gave us free rein to paint what we wanted.  
The focus on this study was getting strong values.  Although Elizabeth and I have quite different approaches to painting the still life it is always fun and informative to watch someone with Elizabeth's experience explain how she addresses a canvas.  While I did find that some things about our styles and/or preferred materials are very different, I also found that many things were pretty similar.  To me a strong instructor is able to illustrate their technique without hindering each individual from applying it to their own style.  Elizabeth does that so well.  I was surprised (not having worked with her before this) to discover that she is also very versatile in her own techniques and was able and willing to demonstrate more than one approach to a painting!
In the 3 day workshop I mostly completed 3 paintings.  I say mostly because I feel all 3 still needed some adjustments but, I was pretty satisfied with what I accomplished in a workshop setting.  I will try to post the other paintings as they get tweaked and are ready for "unveiling" lol..

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hydrangeas and Pears

Hydrangeas and Pears    16x40   oil on canvas

This was a bit different for was painted over a dark underpainting and built up.  I used more scumbling technique and less of the transparent colors that I normally work with.   Because of the dark underpainting the transparencies would not have worked the way I use them.  I needed the opacity to cover what was underneath.  
I posted a version earlier but decided it still needed some work.  It felt too dark and like the two halves weren't connected.  I added more lighter scumbling throughout and created a better "bridge" between the right and left side.  Because it is such a long and narrow canvas it needs a strong path to lead the eye all the way across that expanse and back again.  It has been a challenge...but fun!

Photographing this painting was almost as challenging!  Being rather large and with so much dark, it was difficult getting accurate color and detail without getting glare.  I think this version is pretty close (at least on my computer screen).

The second day into this painting I discovered that I had brought a stow away in on the flowers.  I'm not particularly fond of spiders, but I felt guilty because, here he was just minding his own business out-of-doors and suddenly his world is shaken and he is dumped somewhere he had no intention of going.  Hmmm...I let him be trying to decide what to do with him and the next morning (much to my dismay), he had disappeared.  The only thing worse than finding a spider in the house, is finding a spider in the house and then losing it!  I'll be feeling things crawling up my leg for days! lol

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly  14x18 oil on linen

I have been having some fun adding the element of "little critters" to my recent paintings.  I've added a hummingbird to one, some butterflies to another and now a dragonfly...  It is like bringing a bit more of nature into the mix.  I really like it and will continue to work more on this path. 
 I know I'm a bit inexperienced at painting these things but I hope it will get a bit easier as I continue to do more of it. 
I hope you like the inclusion of these little bits of life!

While researching the dragonfly I learned some very interesting facts about them....did you know a Dragonfly can fly up to 35 mph?  They can hover for up to a minute and fly in any direction including backwards?  The government is studying the dragonfly because they believe them to be the best example for creating a flying drone!  Oh, and they also eat mosquitos!!  Certainly a creature worth admiring!