Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fruit and Flowers

Fruit and Flowers    20x16  o/c

I had a geranium from last year that I've kept indoors all winter.  It surprised me this week with a lovely blossom!  What a treat when it is 20 degrees and snowing outside.  The big healthy green leaves were just about as pretty as the flower!  I guess I've got Spring fever.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Marble Jar

I had so much fun today!  I just liked the way the painting went.  No big struggles, no frustration.  
After I was done painting I took my dogs for a walk in the blizzard...LOVE to walk in a blizzard.  Weird, huh? As long as I'm dressed warm enough (and I've walked enough blizzards to know how to dress!). It is so exhilarating.  I feel a little like "man against nature". Like I might not come back alive...haha!  (Well that might be a bit dramatic) ;)
I titled the painting The Marble Jar, not because that is the star of the show, but because I've wanted to paint that marble jar for the longest time.  It just never seemed to fit in my set ups-until today.  Maybe that's why I had so much fun?  I really enjoyed finally painting that marble jar!
Thanks for viewing my art!  Have a great week!

The Marble Jar    24x19 o/c

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 days to a finished painting

Red Amaryllis

Is it done now???

Well this is day 4 of working on the Red Amaryllis.  I think it's done.  Maybe it needs some "tweaking" here and there.  I have to step away from it a little while to get a fresh impression to further judge.  I'd be very appreciative of your thoughts.  It's been fun sharing this project with you all.  I hope you've enjoyed it as well.  Thanks for following!
Red Amaryllis    36x20  o/c

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Red Amaryllis (day 3)

Forward it goes.  Day 3 of the Red Amaryllis has brought the foliage and bulbs into a close level of completion.  It's getting close now....maybe one more day?  I worked longer than I should have today, my neck and shoulders are complaining...but I was excited about what was happening and I just couldn't make myself put the brush down.  Thanks for your patience as I plow my way through a learning experience!  Hope you enjoy the postings.
Red Amaryllis (day 3)

I'm going to deviate from my art postings for just one minute here.  This is an incredible speech with a message that just should not be ignored.  Please, take the time to listen.  It is so worth it.
Thank you and enjoy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Red Amaryllis (step 2)

Red Amaryllis (step 2)
last tuesday I started a large painting of red amaryllis...I said I would post it in stages as I worked on it and built it up.  Today's post is day 2 of painting on it.  I think it's coming along.....
Red Amaryllis (step 2)  approximately 20x36 o/c

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Red Amaryllis (day 1)

I've been having some problems with stiffness in my shoulder, (painter's shoulder!) so I'm trying a little different approach to my painting  this time.  Usually I do this all day painting marathon with very little break.  I get lost in the work and sometimes have been known to forget to eat all day!  Some might think that to be a bit OCD......ummm, maybe...
With this painting, especially because it is fairly large, I am going to work on it in stages. Because I like to work alla prima (wet-into-wet ) I have to approach the overall painting in sections to keep the area I'm working on still wet.  I also have chosen a subject that doesn't sit still for long..the Amaryllis is constantly moving and the flowers change quickly.  I knew that I had to get the flowers pretty well described in one day because by tomorrow they will look entirely different.
My plan is to post the painting in progress....today's posting is step 1.
I hope you enjoy following me along, and welcome your thoughts!
Thank you for viewing my art!