Saturday, June 21, 2014

Adding depth to a painting

Strengthen a painting and add depth

After evaluating this painting of Peonies I realized that I could improve the depth and composition.
  My focal point was too vague and my light source needed some "boosting". 
 I defined my focal point better by added a bit more detail and creating some brighter highlights.  I also felt the two flowers on the center left were creating too much of a bullseye effect because the perspective was too direct on with them.  I shifted the flowers so they were "leaning" and the eye of the flowers were no longer staring at you.  I also strengthened the composition by adding stronger value shifts between my highlights and my shadows, providing the viewer with a clearer path to follow through the painting and also creating better depth.  I thought you might enjoy the seeing the adjustments!  

Look at the difference a few minor strokes of the brush can make!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peonies In Blue and White Vase

Peonies in Blue and White Vase   0il on linen  18x24

I just love peonies!  I didn't have enough left on my own plants to make the lush arrangement that I was wanting so I took a chance and headed to the local Farmers Market.  There is a gentleman there each year that brings buckets full of the most gorgeous cut peonies so I hoped I would find him there.  The weather was very windy and looking like a big storm could roll in at any minute..I thought my chances not too good at finding anyone at the market, but I had to try.  Could not believe my good fortune!  There were only 3 vendors and the guy with the peonies wasn't one of them...but sitting in the back of a truck was one bucket filled with peonies!!
Please, enjoy!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Irises and Nectarines

Irises and Nectarines

Irises and Nectarines   oil on linen 18x24

So many beautiful flowers in the gardens now.  Irises are one of my favorites and I have many varieties.  This one is so striking!  The blooms are huge, and the color is unreal.  So this is what I chose. Although the peonies are in bloom too...decisions, decisions.  Hopefully the peonies will still be blooming by the next opportunity I get to paint!
Tom calls these my "ferrari" of flowers because they are the top of the line! (smile)
Please, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Birch Tree Trail

Birch Tree Trail
Birch Tree Trail   oil on linen  16x25

This lovely little trail is just north of Traverse City, Michigan.  It was such a lovely day and we hiked for several miles with our dogs.  Birch Trees are so great to paint.  They have such nice contrasts with the dark canopy of the surrounding woods.
I hope you enjoy!  Thank you for viewing my art.