Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peonies In Blue and White Vase

Peonies in Blue and White Vase   0il on linen  18x24

I just love peonies!  I didn't have enough left on my own plants to make the lush arrangement that I was wanting so I took a chance and headed to the local Farmers Market.  There is a gentleman there each year that brings buckets full of the most gorgeous cut peonies so I hoped I would find him there.  The weather was very windy and looking like a big storm could roll in at any minute..I thought my chances not too good at finding anyone at the market, but I had to try.  Could not believe my good fortune!  There were only 3 vendors and the guy with the peonies wasn't one of them...but sitting in the back of a truck was one bucket filled with peonies!!
Please, enjoy!!

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