Saturday, June 21, 2014

Adding depth to a painting

Strengthen a painting and add depth

After evaluating this painting of Peonies I realized that I could improve the depth and composition.
  My focal point was too vague and my light source needed some "boosting". 
 I defined my focal point better by added a bit more detail and creating some brighter highlights.  I also felt the two flowers on the center left were creating too much of a bullseye effect because the perspective was too direct on with them.  I shifted the flowers so they were "leaning" and the eye of the flowers were no longer staring at you.  I also strengthened the composition by adding stronger value shifts between my highlights and my shadows, providing the viewer with a clearer path to follow through the painting and also creating better depth.  I thought you might enjoy the seeing the adjustments!  

Look at the difference a few minor strokes of the brush can make!

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