Sunday, June 3, 2012

I worked with exaggerating the lost edges on this piece.  I love the way you can create depth in a painting by just losing edges into the background!
I had a wonderful weekend.  The painting that was accepted in the Muskegon 84th Regional Art exhibit sold!  Yay!
On saturday I was privileged to be invited to an awards celebration for my piece at Festival in Grand is really something special that a business would support the artist community by presenting awards and donating their time and money to do so.  I admire that and certainly appreciated the privilege to be one of the artists fortunate to be so honored.
I hope you will enjoy this painting and thank you for taking the time to view my art.
Apricot Roses     14x18 o/cb


  1. This is wonderful. Lots of movement and great harmony.

  2. Lovely Barb. Congrats on your accomplishments too. You are an inspiration.