Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last weekend was a paint out event in Douglas, Michigan.  The event is hosted by the Water Street Gallery in Douglas.  Maryjo always throws a great party!  The event starts in the morning by meeting and getting instructions from the Gallery. Artists then take off to paint in the Douglas, Saugatuck area throughout the day.  At 6:00 the public is invited in to view and purchase the "wet paintings" that have been done that day.  It is always a fun event and I was very excited to have sold both pieces that I painted that day!  In all the bustle, I forgot to get photos of the work I did, but I felt happy with them both.  The first painting of the day I set up in the boat harbor in Saugatuck and painted some sailboats...that was a first for me and I wasn't sure how it would go, but I really had fun with it!

This past tuesday,(my self designated, "paint day"), my son was here from Texas so I spent a wonderful day with him.....but I did miss my day to paint.  So this weekend I made up for it by painting both saturday and sunday!

This weekend's painting is a little bigger, 18x24.  I took some photos in process so I thought I'd share with you the steps as the painting develops.
Hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

In the first steps I blocked in the composition, general shapes and color notes.  Because the  large flower was wilting quickly, I took a little more time than usual to bring that flower to a closer level of completion
With this second step I have worked at filling the canvas  and starting a little detail.

Here, the detail continues to develop and you will notice the glass objects are gaining some dimension.
I've moved down to the table scarf now and continue the push and pull throughout the painting, working to  find details and wipe out areas that need to be pushed to the back.  I want the focal point, the Rose of Sharon blossom to stand out from the other elements.

Rose of Sharon     18x24   o/c

In the completed painting I have adjusted, color, value, and detail until I am satisfied that it is where I want it to be!


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the process on this beautiful painting. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Julie! I appreciate you veiwing my art and taking the time to comment!