Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Marble Jar

I had so much fun today!  I just liked the way the painting went.  No big struggles, no frustration.  
After I was done painting I took my dogs for a walk in the blizzard...LOVE to walk in a blizzard.  Weird, huh? As long as I'm dressed warm enough (and I've walked enough blizzards to know how to dress!). It is so exhilarating.  I feel a little like "man against nature". Like I might not come back alive...haha!  (Well that might be a bit dramatic) ;)
I titled the painting The Marble Jar, not because that is the star of the show, but because I've wanted to paint that marble jar for the longest time.  It just never seemed to fit in my set ups-until today.  Maybe that's why I had so much fun?  I really enjoyed finally painting that marble jar!
Thanks for viewing my art!  Have a great week!

The Marble Jar    24x19 o/c


  1. This is rich and beautiful. I really love your colors.

  2. This is so nice, Love the looseness of it. Beautiful background texture. I added you to my blog list on my home page.

  3. Beautiful, Barb. I love the palette.

  4. thanks so much Julie, Angela and Gene! I appreciate you taking the time to view my art and comment.