Sunday, April 14, 2013


Another attempt at a landscape using a photo reference.  This one is sort of "playful" I think.  The tangle of cattails is the main focal point, but they seemed to feel best when I kept them to a loose abstraction of shapes. 
It is much more of a struggle for me painting from photos than it is from life.  I feel that I want to become more accomplished at it though.  Sometimes it is so much more practical than trying to paint from life.  It is good to be able to do both I think.  So I will continue to practice. 
 I'm waiting for some Spring flowers and then I will do another still life....will Spring EVER get here??
Cattails     16x20  oc


  1. This is so very nice. Beautiful in fact

  2. thank you Kathie and Angela...I appreciate it very much. Trying to readjust to thinking landscape instead of still life and it can be a struggle! :)