Sunday, July 28, 2013

Astromelia and Phlox

Astromelia and Phlox

oil on canvas  24x20

The Astromelia is commonly called a Peruvian Lily.  It is found in florist bouquets a lot.  I suspect because it is so lovely and lasts a long time as a picked flower.  This painting was designed primarily as a commissioned piece, based loosely on another painting I did a while back.  My client liked the colors and "feel" of the first painting but needed something larger and horizontal rather than vertical.  Because I rarely paint from photos...some of the variety of flowers that are in the first painting were not available for this painting so I selected some similar varieties and opted to focus on color palette and mood of the painting to recreate a similar piece for her.  I hope she likes it....if not it's ok, I enjoyed painting it!

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