Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Home for Red Amaryllis II

A Home for Red Amaryllis II
Red Amaryllis II  oc  20x40
Last night I dropped this painting off at it's new home.  The fit was incredible...the colors were perfect, the size was perfect, even the frame was perfect!  It fit in the clients home as if it was designed for them!  When I commented on it the new owner pulled up his sleeve and showed me the red amaryllis tatoo on his forearm!
  Now that is a very satisfying sale!
The ArtisTTable Online Juried Event
Art Des Femmes
I'm very pleased that 3 of my stilllife paintings have been accepted to this online competition!
Thank you ArtisTTable!
If you would like to place a vote for your favorite in this competition you can follow the link to the paintings and place your People's Choice Vote there!
The Steam Iron

Red Havens

Astromelias and Phlox
Thank you Everyone!


  1. Barbara, All of them are beautiful. You amaze me, as always.

    1. Gene you are always so supportive..I appreciate you very much! Thank you.