Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Things of Memories

The Things of Memories

I acquired this trait of "tenacity" from my dear, sweet Mother.  She used to drive me crazy in my youth when she would get an idea in her head, she just wouldn't let it go!  Bless her heart, what I wouldn't give to have her here to "drive me crazy" once again.  I see this in myself now and wonder how many times my own children were pushed to the brink of disowning me for my inability to let go of something!  Maybe someday they will look at that trait as I now do with my Mother with great fondness and appreciation.  I do believe it serves me well at times....driving me forward in difficult times.  At other times it can be a curse, causing me to obsess over something, unable to let it go.  In spite of those times I would not change that about myself.  
So what does this have to do with my art you say?  Well, simply put if I'm not satisfied with a painting I can get really caught up in "making it right". ( Or driving myself crazy trying!)
You've not seen any posts from my blog for over a month now.  That is not because I haven't been painting, it is because I have been determined to get this painting to the place I wanted it.  It has changed a lot.  It is now closer to what I envisioned when I started it back around Thanksgiving time.  So finally here is a new post of a sorta' new painting! 
I promise I will be posting more work soon!
31x35   oil

One thing about working on correcting a painting is that you do learn a lot.  It is an opportunity to experiment and a real chance to see just what happens if you "try something else".  Especially if you have photographed the painting in process it really gives you a true before and after.  
Thank you for sharing my art with me!


  1. love the story of your mother. I relate - mine too.
    I have also just posted a redo - we have a lot in common today.
    Your large painting is quite amazing and I love the way my eye flows through it with so many neat objects to find.

    1. thank you Julie....I look forward to seeing your new post. Best wishes to you!