Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Cobalt Vase

Two Studies
I did two paintings this weekend of this beautiful cobalt blue vase and the last of this years red amaryllis.  It's always sad to see the last blooms on the Amaryllis, they are such a treat when they are in bloom!  I wanted to paint them before they were gone and I needed to do a study of a cobalt blue vase for an assignment on an online course I am taking.  
The assignment is due tomorrow and then by the end of the week I will get a critique video on them.  It's pretty cool!  The instructor is Laura Robb who's work I just love.  It is a great opportunity to learn from her without the expense of an out of state workshop.  So here's my "homework".........hope you like them!
Cobalt Vase   9x12  oc

Cobalt and Reds  12x12  oc

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