Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dancing Mum's

Dancing Mum's   16x20  oil on linen

My technique is a cross between realism and abstraction.  Sometimes it is more like a battle than a creation.  Or perhaps the battle is necessary to bring about the creation? 
 I like enough abstraction to lend interest and a bit of mystery to a painting, but I still want enough realism to describe my subject.  Some paintings seem to just paint themselves and others are just that battle between too much description..... too little description..back and forth.  I paint it, I wipe it out.  I add detail, I take the detail away.  I want you, the viewer, to "feel" the painting, not simply see it.  It must be charged with energy and alive with texture and color. 
This painting was like WWIII for me!  It started out pretty traditional and I hated it!!  Yep..hated.  So I wiped out objects, erased detail and started abstracting.  Now, I am very happy with the energy and the textures.  
Do you feel the energy when you look at it?  I hope so

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