Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fall at Lamoreaux

Fall at Lamoreaux   10x14  oil on linen

Fall is such a stunning time of year.  As an artist I think fall paintings can be some of the hardest to portray successfully because all those colors in one painting can be jarring and hard to believe.  I tried to keep tones a bit muted while still trying to give the feeling of  that intensity.
Although fall for 2014 is behind us I needed some relief from the grey days Michigan has been getting.....I hope it brings a little pizazz to your day!


  1. Rich and muted at the same time. Takes skill to achieve it.
    Thank you, Barbara...yes, it brought pizazz to a cold New Mexico day.

  2. He visitado tu blog, y me gusta mucho tu trabajo.
    Un saludo. Teresa