Thursday, February 5, 2015

Red Mums and Strawberries

Red Mums and Strawberries    14x22  oil on linen

As I was working on this painting the strawberries were giving off a delicious aroma!  The first thing I did as a took a break was to wash up a handful and eat them, (not the ones from my set-up!).

In this painting I worked on making certain that there was variety in the reds and in the greens.  The two predominate colors in this set up.  It makes such a difference in a painting to take the time to provide that variety.  In life no two flowers are exactly the same color and the way the light hits the leaves it provides many shades of green as well.  It can take your still life to that next level of professionalism.  

Well, I've got some more strawberries to eat! ttl!

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