Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A really special day!  The sun was glorious and I got to spend the day painting at a beautiful park with a very beautiful artist friend, Kathleen Putnam.
I'm trying to focus on my value shapes.  It's hard for me.  I have a tendency to want to put many value changes in each shape but have been (with much struggle) trying to create more solid value shapes.  I believe it will create a stronger painting.
I had the wonderful opportunity this week to speak with Dan Beck, an artist whose work I really admire! Dan was so generous with his time and sharing some insights.  Of course applying those insights is not quite so easy!  So I just keep trying............
Johnson Park       14x11    o/c

I always look like such a dork in my plein air photos!  I'm sure it's being caused by some kind of camera lens distortion....:)

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