Saturday, May 5, 2012

This week I enjoyed the opportunity to go plein air painting with two talented artist friends.  It was a really enjoyable day.  the weather was a bit windy and cool, but the sun was shining and the flowers were beautiful!
We went to Holland, Michigan and painted the tulips!
I haven't been plein air painting in a long felt good.  I recognize that I shouldn't have placed the windmill right in the center of the composition, but otherwise I'm not dissatisfied about the way it turned out.  The second painting of the day didn't do so well...A close up of some tulips turned out too dark.  I think I was tired from the mornings painting.  That painting got some, lose some!
A Little Holland            11x7.5    o/cb

Bundled was colder than the sunny day makes it look!

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  1. I like the composition. For plein air painting 1 out of 2 is pretty good.