Tuesday, July 1, 2014

News From Barbara

Keeping in Touch........
Well, apparently we have survived the winter of '14! ( Does anyone in Michigan still have snow in their backyard??)  :D :D

I do hope this note finds you all in good health and prospering!

It's been a very busy Spring for me and I wanted to share some of the highlights with my dear friends and family : 
I have been very privileged to have been invited to several competitive events and shows this Spring!  It is such an honor to receive recognition from your peers and to have your work hanging next to such talented artists.  I am humbled to say the least!
The Sailboat Platter  20x24
Astromelia Phlox 24x20
Spring's First Irises  16x20

In February I was accepted to two National events hosted by
Jack Richeson Gallery
Three of my paintings were published in the 
"Still life and Floral 2014" catalog.
While, Fall's Fire and Grand Hydrangreas 
traveled to Wisconsin to hang in the "Small Works Show"
Fall's Fire  12x12
Grand Hydrangeas  11x14
March brought some very exciting news when "Bucket of Sun" was included in the article "Painting Flowers & Gardens From Life", in "Plein Air" Magazine!
Bucket of Sun  11x14
NOAPS featured "Daffodils at Tea", in their March blog...I think everyone was ready for flowers after the long winter!!

April I was invited to show with 6 very talented women artists at the ICCF Spring Floral Show.  It was a wonderful show and there was an interesting panel discussion with the artists to give the public some insights into the varying perspectives of different artists!

May and June seem to usher in the majority of the local and regional competitive events in West Michigan. I was so fortunate to be accepted to show in a few of them! There are so many exceptional artists that participate in these events. It is a great opportunity to share your work to the public and so much fun to "hit" the scene with all the receptions and gala events!
Geisha Roses  19x25
Awarded "The Vie da la Rose Flower Essences Award for Excellence in Floral  Depiction"
Festival of the Arts
  1. 86th Regional............  Muskegon Museum of Art
  2. West Michigan Area....Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
  3. Festival........................Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts

While each and every one of these events have been a sincere pleasure and honor .....the one event that for me has been the greatest personal achievement is the recent acceptance to 
Oil Painters of America
Regional Show in Cincinnati, OH
This is one of those "bucket list" opportunities!  :)
I am so excited about this event!!
Big Yellow  12x18
Big Yellow will be heading to Eisele Gallery for the September show
oil painters of america
For all of you that continually give me support and encouragement I am truly appreciative.  In an artist's life there are generally more struggles than successes, more rejections than acceptances.  Still it is not an option to quit.  You each help me to continue even through the times of discouragement.
Thank you my friends!
Ok.......let's go get some of that sunshine!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, Barbara. Most of all, though, is viewing your wonderful art, here, on Facebook, but the real thrill is seeing so many of them in person! You deserve all of the awards that you are receiving. You are one of my very favorite artists. Keep 'em coming!

    1. Gene, your support is always so appreciated! And I love it that you and I seem to "hang" next to each other in so many of the local events! :) We must compliment one another.