Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angelique Tulips

I look forward to these tulips in my garden each year.  They are so soft and delicate looking.  Because of their multiple petals I think they look more like peonies than tulips.
  I had a little difficulty with the composition on this one.  I felt instinctively that the round vase with the roundness of the flower shapes was a bit redundant.  I tried a more vertical vase and was not happy with that at all, so the round vase won out anyway!  I do like the way the values turned out on this one.  I've been feeling that my paintings overall have been too dark but this one I think I caught a nice light to it.  So the learning curve continues!
I hope you enjoy the tulips!

Angelique Tulips            o/cb         8.5x9

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