Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well this week I thought I'd try taking the fast way down a flight of stairs..ooch.  Not recommended.  I have been very sore and stiff but trying to get some painting in anyway.  I have found my overall attitude has been a bit more negative than is usual for me and I wonder if that shows in my painting?  Today I will work on my computer and do some catch up with that.
In spite of that I am posting my recent piece...."TwoLips and Hearts".

  TwoLips and Hearts     o/cb              10.5x9


  1. In your profile you wrote you wished to create art that will touch people and speak to them. Well you have succeeded as far as I'm concerned. Truly wonderful works. I admire your loose brushwork. Your color combinations are outstanding. REally beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  2. Thank you for those kind make me feel inspired to paint right now! Truly I appreciate the encouragement.....the struggle is rewarding but sometimes discouraging too.