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Fwd: Dreama's Day to Day Paintings

I loved this blog and was quite certain that Dreama would NOT really mind if I shared it:)  Dreama's work is always so vibrant and cheerful and her blog's are very entertaining...hope you enjoy it!   Barbara Schilling ( PS.  Anyone over 30 has one of these photo's in their album!)

Dreama's Day to Day Paintings

"For Your Eyes Only"

Posted: 07 Apr 2012 03:07 PM PDT

"Italian Kisses"
Framed Print

We have winners!!

Gretchen Stoudt was one of the winners (Congrats Gretchen!) for my monthly giveaway.  She said it was a difficult choice, but she would love a print of "Italian Kisses" as it evokes such wonderful memories of her time spent there:))
Jean Gallo was the other winner and she has selected my book, Let There Be Love.  Jean said she had four kitties of her own, so it made the decision especially difficult.  A cat painting, or a floral or a landscape.  So she settled on the book as the best compromise 'cause it has 'em all:))  Congrats Jean!

For mature audiences only....


Hope I didn't cause you to spew too much coffee while viewing the perfect photo of me:) I know, you're hopeful I will make this pic available as a limited edition print;)

FYI--For obvious reasons, the hairdresser responsible for that up-do is now in the witness protection program. After that photo session, I vowed to never go in search of the perfect photo again;)

You know what I am talking about.  Our quest to capture our perfect selves for posterity's sake.  We get our hair "sculpted" into place , the "just right" outfit with matching jewelry, and then begin posing in ways that look as natural as chimps giving a high tea.  Breath sucked in, head tilted, teeth clinched, hands like lobster claws trying to trail "naturally" over the shoulder of someone else who looks to be in pain as well.

Somehow, when the photos first come back, we actually think they LOOK nice!  Then the years pass, and they become great fodder for....well, posts like this;))

What usually becomes a favored photo of ourselves or a loved one, are the candid shots taken of you just being you and me just being me.  Maybe no make-up, maybe a little bulge showing somewhere in it.  Maybe even some un-sculpted hair-dos.

As a general rule, that all goes pretty much unnoticed because what we see is a face full of love, smiles,  and hope--the REAL person.  Which is much more perfect than the "PERFECT" person in the other photo.

So here's the deal.  We can't, nor do we wish, to "pose" our creative work to be perfect, anymore than we do ourselves.  A mission to create "the perfect" work of art can end up with a stilted, unnatural something that looks nothing like the vision in our hearts.

 Art and Fear makes this point so well in the  tale of the professor who place his students into Group A and Group B at the beginning of the semester, with the directions that Group A would be graded on  one piece of sculpture (they only had to produce one).  Group B would be graded on quantity--no matter how it looked, the more pieces, the higher the grade.

Well, Group A hovered, labored, and worried over their one piece, trying to produce the perfect work (kind of like the labor involved for me to look that Awesome in the above photo;)).  Group B, with great gusto, just began making piece after piece, not focusing on perfection, but just showing up and doing the work.

Guess which group produced the best quality pieces??

You know it....Group B!
Which serves to remind us all--
B(e) yourself in all things--that is what will delight and bring JOY to yourself and those around you!

Forget perfect, BE real instead;)))

P.S.  If you care for me, please do not share this post.  I have a reputation to maintain--I could quickly be dubbed as a Bob Ross look alike.

I know that is what you were thinking.  I wasn't born yesterday, as can be proven by the afore shown hair-do and shoulder pads;))
If, on the other hand, you believe all of Eddie's trash talk, then share it with everyone.
I'm not afraid.  I lived through the 80's fashion derailment.  After that, there is not much of anything left
to fear.

P.S.S.  For those of you not afraid of big hair and painting with me, due to much whining of those who do not want to wait 'til 2013--I am adding one 3-Day workshop in Paris, KY , July 16-18, 2012.
You are getting the scoop here first:))  Click here for the info:))

And speaking of silly's Ed

Barbara Schilling

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