Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sugarbowl and Crabapple Blossoms      o/cb  11x8.5
So... my last post was about intense glow, using color to create the drama.  Today's post is really just the opposite..I wanted to create a sense of quiet, peacefulness.  The soft pastel colors and delicate handling of the sugarbowl and flowers is meant to bring the viewer to a more contemplative mood.  The sugarbowl has an antique charm about it.  Our world seems to have lost so much of it's appreciation for "delicacy".  Now-a-days we want bold, powerful, colorful glitz and glamour.  Sometimes it's just nice to appreciate something that is quietly beautiful.  


  1. Thank you...I love strong brushwork in painting and am really working to find the balance of loose , strong brushwork and rich value and color. It's a journey!