Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lilacs are to me "comfort flowers".  They bring back fond memories of my childhood and always make me think of pleasant thoughts.  I've been "lilac challenged", for many a gardener I feel pretty confident that I can grow just about anything I set my mind to, but for one reason or another every time I've set about growing lilacs, something has happened to them.  Ultimately the times I've just finally successfully gotten some lilacs to bloom, I've moved and left them for someone else to enjoy!  It's a curse.  This year I have the first blooms on my new bush at this house.  Of course the late freezes put a short life to them....sigh.  Still I picked what I could and got a painting from them!  I think I will hold onto this painting for myself for a while, but I thought I'd post them and see what you think?  Can you smell the lilacs?

Lilac Teacup    o/cb   10x11